Gay Relationships: Tips for Long Term Couples

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  • “The Greet”: Dogs are the acclaimed experts of this practice. They know how to greet their people when coming home. With their entire bodies they demonstrate they are grateful that you are a part of their lives. It’s a key reason we become so attached to them. You don’t necessarily have to wag your tail when your partner comes home, but initiating some kind of friendly greeting can be an important ingredient in supporting your relationship.

    How did I land in this situation? Let's just say I never "landed" anywhere, but instead "took off in flight". Oh yes, I did land a celebrity cover and feature for several publications, countless interviews, several televised speeches for a number of Gay Prides, and many, many LGBT charity events in which I donated both time and funds to. I did my all to honor her, and myself, as it took the death of someone I loved in order for me to learn how to live.

    It is now the thing of past when men in love with men was taken as a shame or a thing to laugh at. The gays have been given equal right to marry by the law. Such relationships are also meaningful and legitimate. The gays are also human beings and treat them a human beings only and not like some aliens. They also have feelings, and emotions. This is the reason that the free gay dating sites are becoming famous day by day. Men are looking for men at online gay dating services and gay personals.

    I learned that gay people, like other minorities, are used to being stereotyped. Those of us who are straight, perceive gays to be effeminate, flamboyant, impulsive and artsy. Most of the gay people I have met do not fit that pattern. They typically feel isolated because their behavioral patterns are actually heterosexual in nature with the exception of their sexual affinity toward others of the same sex.

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